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Harmony International School was established in 2006 by the visionary, Mrs. Catherine Anyebe. The schools boasts of an enabling and conducive environment, with facilities for intellectual, academic, spiritual, moral and physical development of a child. We are poised to producing disciplined students who are the future leaders of our dear country, Nigeria.


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Virtual Learning Environment

Harmony's Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) is the core of her teaching, learning and assessment. This platform is an online system that allows teachers to share educational contents, assessment and grading.

Well-rounded Education

A child that has a well-rounded education is equipped with relevant skills to be able to manage complex situations. This includes Intellectual, cognitive, Social and presentation skills to name a few

Activity Based Learning

Research into brain development and learning has made us understood that as many of the senses of the child that are brought into the learning process, the deeper and the richer the learning experience.

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