Dear Parents,

Education is the best legacy any child can enjoy or be given by his or her parent. After the family, the next social group a child is exposed to is the . This is where a child spends most of his time outside his home. He mingles with children from other homes, tribes and ethnic groups.

He meets other teachers and mind builders where he feels relaxed and secured… Harmony InternationalSchools is the best description for that leaning environment. Harmony International School is outstanding in rendering educational services from Cradle to late adolescence.

The school aims at grooming students in morals, social, academic and spiritual aspect that will enable them function well among their contemporaries in the western world with the availability of the mixed Nigerian and British curriculum using the 21 st century teaching skills that is activity based and learners centered.

The school is blessed with seasoned and experienced teachers from various academic fields who are passionate in their call to build the future world leaders and keep the norms and values of the society from generation to generation. They do this bearing in mind the technological changes and growth especially in Information Technology and how it will affect the learners in academics and real job situation.

The serene and conducive environment of the school is superb which makes the learning process quite interesting to learners who are willing to explore the world irrespective of their geographical location. Fully equipped Laboratories and co-curricular facilities are available to make learning more practical and to give room for a healthy lifestyle of the child placing more attention to the cognitive, affective and psychomotor domains of learning.

Harmony school is dimly approved to register and conduct National and International Examination at all levels.