The COVID 19 pandemic, an international, mutual enemy the world is presently battling, has, despite considerable efforts, persisted. This is observed from the continuous rise in the number of cases and deaths due to the virus….

In different countries, different strategies have been employed to fight the spread of the virus. Although these strategies are necessary, they have harmed the socio-economic status of these countries affecting a wide range of people. Children, unfortunately, are not left out of the effects of the virus, whether directly via infection with the virus or indirectly through the effects of the policies being put in place to combat the spread of the virus.

Measures being adopted to control the COVID 19 crisis are accompanied by their challenges. However, they are, matter-of-factly, needful and play a role in solving the problem at hand. Therefore parents and caregivers and other family members of these children need to pay a lot of attention to their children, keep them engaged with remote learning if it is one they can afford or if they can’t, tune in to the Wazobia Fm or Wazobia TV lessons provided by the Nigerian government in the states where these apply. They should also endeavour to keep their children within sight always or entrust them to the care of trusted family members.

Also, parents and caregivers should try to incorporate children friendly healthy lifestyle choices in their day to day living, ranging from healthier food options to daily children friendly exercises to help keep the children healthy and fit.

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